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Mambo Chicken
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Mambos Choice
Take 3 large Chickens "quartered"
Place in pot & cover with cold water
Add 1/3 cup of Salt to water
(Salt will remove the blood vains)
Add 1/2 cup dill pickle juice
Add 2 oz Liquid Smoke "Mesquite"
Add 5 Bay Leaves
Let soak no less than 8 hours
Bring  Chicken to a boil in same pot of water "don't over cook"
Drain Chicken and place on grill "Low Heat"
Dust Chicken with Mambo Dry Rub "dust it good"
Baste with Mambo Zip Sauce let cook "not burn"
Zip Sauce will create flames, use "caution"
Don't let Chicken get dry ( keep it Zipped & Dusted )
Repeat using Dry Rub & Basting Zip not less than 5 times
"Last step is in reverse" Baste Chicken with Mambo Zip Sauce
then,, dust with Mambo Dry Rub & remove from grill
Use Mambo Famous BBQ Sauce for dipping
Serve with Grilled Mambo Taders & Mambo Slaw

TIP:Don't burn your Chicken, remember it's already fully cooked
and be sure your grill is clean before putten the meat on it
and wipe oil on the grill with clean cloth to prevent sticking.
This yields 24 piece's of Mambo Chicken.