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Mambo Wings
Chef               Rece's
This one is Kinda Easy Folks

Just buy as many wings as you need for your party !
Soak the Wings overnight in Salted Water to remove
any of those vains you find in those other Wings you buy
at those other BBQ  places.

Now you need only 1 Special Ingredient to make Mambos
Famous Wings to add to this recipe. It's a Hot Chili Sauce,
named "Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce" it has a White Rooster
on the bottle.....  I have been creating some of the Best
BBQ dishes on the planet for over 30 years & believe me you
must have this Hot Chili Sauce to make this work !

Add a 1 lb jar of Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce to 1/2 qt of Mambos Famous BBQ Sauce and mix your wings into
the sauce "after soaking in salt water for a day" in a large bowl or pan and let it soak again for another night.
Pre heat your grill and make sure it's clean, pull the Wings right out of the mixture and place onto the grill,
Discard any leftover sauce because raw chicken was in it and dont lick your fingers
we don't want to get sick.

Have at it folks, cook them Wings ! serve with Mambo Slaw, the cold Slaw will take away some of the  OH Darn it's Hot
taste and the flavor combo will be great.............

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