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Mambo Zip Sauce
Chef               Rece's
Mix 1 gallon Hot water with 1 cup of powder Beef Base, and 1 bottel of your favorite Hot Sauce
add 6 ounces of Orange Blossom Water, add 3 cups of Veggie Oil and 3 ounces of Liquid Smoke "Hickory"

Mix together well and keep at room temp covered, remember that every time you use this Zip Sauce
your pouring it over a open fire, it WILL Cause Flames, each time you use Mambo Zip Sauce you must stir
it well before pouring over food. The plan is to get the meat wet with the Mambo Zip Sauce and quickly
apply Mambo Dry Rub after, wet, dry, wet dry,I think you get the pitcher. It's the combination  of the
Mambo Dry Rub along with the Mambo Zip Sauce that creates that Famous Mambo Flavor.

..........That's it folks .............

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