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Mambo Sausage
Chef               Rece's
5 lbs Andouille Sausage
3 Vidalia Onions
4 Red Bell Peppers
3 Yellow Bell Peppers
6 Large Sweet Long Yellow Peppers
3 Large Oranges
1 Bag pitted dried Dates

Cut Sausage into finger size piece's & set aside.
Peel the onions and cut as if it was for Ka-Bob's .
Clean and cut the peppers in squares about 2 x 2 inches.
Grade the skin of the Oranges into a bowl & set aside,
eat or discard remainder of Oranges.

Take all the stuff ( Not the Dates ) and mix it
into a bowl with 1/4 cup of Mambo Zip Sauce
& squeeze the juice from the Orange Meat over it.
Add the orange skin, add 2 tbsp. of Mambo Dry Rub into
the stuff mix it together and let set overnight. OK, 
Take some Bamboo Skewers and soak them overnight in water as well.

Take the Sausage and stuff and start making KaBob style things with
all the goodies, put the Dates on them also,,, especially at each end,
grill on low heat, Don't use Mambo Zip Sauce,but you can use
veggie spray to keep them from burning while on the grill,
cook until desired texture and serve over Mambo Rice and
fresh French Bread with gobs of real Butter..........................

Andouille is French in origin, and was  brought to the United States through Louisiana  French immigrants. In the United States,
the sausage is most often associated with Cajun cooking
but makes a great dish for everyone.

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