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Mambo PokeChops
Chef               Rece's
10 Center Cut PokeChops 1 inch thick
1 cup Wishbone Italian Dressing
1/4 teaspoon dry Red Pepper seeds
1/2  teaspoon Anise Seeds
1 tb chopped Cilantro
2 tb Olive oil 
1 oz. Liquid Smoke
1 teaspoons of course ground Black Pepper

Combine the above ingredients and place into a bowl & mix well, add 1 cup of warm water.
Take the PokeChops and stab them with a fork like you want to kill'm over & over, Place PokeChops
into mixture and soak overnight.  When your Grill is cleaned, oiled and Hot remove the Chops from liquid
"Discard Liquid" and set on Grill "Low Heat" You don't need to burn the meat to have it well done"
Dust Chops with Mambo Dry Rub and baste with Mambo Zip Sauce while cooking,
"cook about 5 min on each side"  Shazam That's It ! Serves 5 .........

Serve with Mambo Taders and Mambo Slaw.........

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