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Mambo Shrimp
Chef               Rece's
2 Lb. U 16 Shrimp, cleaned & Butter flied 
2 Lbs Smoked Bacon
4 oz Horseradish
1 Large Fresh Lemon
7 or 10 Bamboo Skewers soaked overnight in water
2 tb Lemon Pepper

Soak Shrimp overnight in water with the juice of the Lemon and the Rock Salt along with the Lemon pepper.
Soak  Skewers in water at room temp over night.
Drain & remove Shrimp and place on paper towel.
Open-up the Shrimp, cut side up and gently apply pressure to flatten, use care not to tear meat.
Fill upended side of Shrimp with Horseradish.
Carefully take Bacon and wrap Shrimps like a Gift !
Take stuffed & wrapped Shrimp and put on Skewers, about 5 per skewer .........
;Put in Fridge:

Here's the Trick,,,
Cover your Grill with foil & poke small holes in it and place on Medium heat, you don't want the Shrimp exposed to flame.  Slowly cook the Mambo Shrimp
till Bacon is done, you can throw a tad of White Wine on'em for more flavor.

Use care when turning, don't turn more than once.
That's It ! When Bacon is done so is the Mambo Shrimp !
Serve with Mambo Rice and Mambo Slaw. serves 7

TIP; When buying Shrimp, Smell It ! if it has an Iodine smell it's Bad

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