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Mambo Pulled Poke
Chef               Rece's
1 5lb Pork Roast,
Boil roast the day before pulling.

After roast is cold the next day, have at it !
It's kinda easy it's just the way it sounds...PULLED...

Grab a handful of the meat "leave Fat On" and pull strands of the meat off along with the run of the grain.
A five pound roast should yield about 4 lb's of cooked product.

Place the pulled meat into a pot, ad 4 cups of Mambo Basting Sauce, stir and low boil for 20 min.

Drain off any leftover liquid, the meat should only be damp
& place in glass bowl, mix into the meat 1 cup of Mambo Dry Rub,
meat should be semi dry to the touch after adding rub and still hot.
Use nice Steak Sub Buns or Fresh French Bread to put 1 1/2 cups
of the meat on and heat-up the bread first, Ad HOT Mambo Sauce over the meat and top with yellow pepper rings from a jar.

Serve with BBQ chips and a really good Kosher Pickle.....
You should get at least 15 sandwiches.....

TIP: If you want to spice-it up, sprinkle dry
Red Pepper Seeds into the meat.

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